Daphne Anastassiou - Statements of the Artist

At different stages of my life, painting beckoned and invited me to venture into its magical world without boundaries.

My source of inspiration is Silence, Love and the Universe. The Universe speaks to me by means of silence, and Allows me to expand in love

Throughout my work, occurs an encounter with feminine energy that embraces me, nourishes me and guides me.

Colors flow and emanate freely from within. To paint is a process of meditation, a space in time that is infinitely free where I surrender, play and build my work.

Today I open myself to be able to share the experiences that flow from the depths of my being

We are channels of the Universe… children, women, men, groups and multitudes that are all interconnected, experiencing this dream, this dance with its diverse dimensions.

Color and light invite us to feel them and discover their illuminating power, their healing power. Colors raise and balance our vibrational levels.

All my work is an invitation to let ourselves flow, to awaken our conscience and move beyond the structure of the mind, to make contact with our feelings and travel in the direction of our divine essence. An invitation to transcend from this illusory adventure into one more conscious of the fulfillment and infinity of the spirit.

The techniques that I have been using are mostly spontaneous, where my principal guide is what I feel, what arises and orients me during the creative process. My curiosity has also opened paths for me through experimenting with different procedures.

I have experienced by painting on various sizes and surfaces, such as papyrus, different kinds of textiles, wood or acrylic panels, seeking fragments of the mystery that hides behind each work.

My creations are made using different mediums, such as acrylic paint, pastel, oils, and with them I use different instruments to apply the material, which may be brushes, spatulas, pieces of cloth or sponges, even my hands, which for a long time were my only working tools.

I work with acrylics to prepare the surface and then enjoy the attributes of oil paint to venture into the world that reveals itself before my eyes. I develop an artifice with the successive layers that I need to give my limitless scenarios their depth and consistency.

The line of the pencil mark on these surfaces liberates my strokes and permits me to unite the universes of my work in their diversity of dimensions.