Daphne Anastassiou was born in Viña del Mar in 1955, into a Greek family that always had strong bonds with the artistic area and was a source of inspiration for her creative development. Her first approaches to art were back in her childhood working in her mother’s atelier using different techniques. Afterwards, she started venturing with ceramics and her first canvases were born in 1991. She studied at the Pierce College of Athens, then at the Alvescot College of London and back in Chile at the Pontificia Universidad Católica where she graduated in Psychology. Daphne is a great creator, she has successfully developed parallelly her professional, business and artistic life.

Daphne’s major professional trajectory has been focused on the development of the human potential. She performs workshops here in Chile and abroad, her main purpose is to help to “expand awareness”. Following this same path, in the year 2000 she published her book “We are Love”, where she invites the reader to overcome limiting beliefs and to trust in their creative potential in order to enjoy a better quality of life. She is a member of the Directory of Fundación Mustakis, oriented to develop the cultural, intelectual and creative wealth of children belonging to low income families.

Since 2006 she is completely committed to her painting, working prolifically with a variety of materials. Her impetuous style is reflected in her strokes and intense colours. Her canvases emerge as a game, as a result of an inside trip that finally transmutes from the sculpture’s projection of her paintings into white and inviting forms.

Daphne has exhibited her work in New York, Madrid, London, Paris, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Santiago of Chile, her paintings are part of private collections everywhere. Currently, she is represented internationally in Paris, France, by the Gallery Colette Dubois.